3D printed blooming Fibonacci zoetropes

Stanford design prof John Edmark, as part of his artistic residency at Autodesk, created these 3D printed "blooming" Fibonacci-sequence zoetropes, which seem to grow, writhe, and pulse as they're spun before a camera shooting every 1/4000 of a second. Read the rest

WATCH: Choreographed LED hula hooping

Viennese artists Annika Hakala and Lisa Looping of HoopioSis perform mesmerizing choreography using LED hula hoops. Be sure to watch in HD. Read the rest

WATCH: Snowing in Sligo Guy is the new Double Rainbow Guy

"Oh my God! There's snow everywhere! Snow! Look! Have you seen that, man? Whooooa! More snow outside, yeah! The little Buddha in the garden, he's got f*cking snow on his little hands!" Read the rest

Watch Tycho's live super-chill instrumental track "A Walk"

Seattle station KEXP had Tycho in studio, where they performed this lovely live version of "A Walk." Read the rest

No Action Figures Please

This is a dramatic reading of "a memo sent from Scott Dadich to all WIRED employees in San Francisco, obtained by The Awl."

We all treasure our photos of loved ones. Mementos of personal accomplishment. I encourage you to proudly display a few small items at your desk because our workspace reflects who we are. It reflects our values. But how we treat our workplace is a manifestation of how seriously we take our work. When we stop caring for our shared spaces, we demonstrate a lack of respect for the space and for each other. When you leave stains on countertops, it’s disgusting for your colleagues and embarrassing for visitors.

Read the rest

5 top Secret Service officials are on their way out in big shakeup

After a string of scandals and security lapses, at least five senior officials in the US Secret Service are headed out the door.

Digital rights advocates, brace yourselves: Obama administration pushing for new cyber-laws

The government has a way of harming digital civil liberties in purported efforts to protect against cybermonsters.

Harrowing account of how Chinese authorities 'disappeared' one reporter's assistant

A Chinese woman working as an assistant to a German news organization has been detained for more than 12 weeks.

Greenwald: Since glorious “free speech” march, France has opened 54 criminal cases for “condoning terrorism.”

"Since that glorious 'free speech' march, France has reportedly opened 54 criminal cases for “condoning terrorism,” writes Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept.

The Associated Press today reported “France ordered prosecutors around the country to crack down on hate speech, anti-Semitism and glorifying terrorism.”

"As pernicious as this arrest and related 'crackdown' on some speech obviously is," writes Greenwald, "it provides a critical value: namely, it underscores the utter scam that was this week’s celebration of free speech in the west." Read the rest

WATCH: Seagull wishes monkey would share stolen sandwich

Criminal simian oblivious to the hungry seagull standing next to him. [via] Read the rest

Goats can't decide whether to stand on pile of rocks or other goats' backs

I have a hard time with this decision sometimes, too. Read the rest

The version of Shaq's Gold Bond Powder commercial where his face takes a psychedelic trip is the best version

Read the rest

12 weird videos of cats who love women's boobs

What needs to be said? Not much. Read the rest

WATCH: Soccer hooligans take the escalator

I wish this escalator was taking them to the cornfield. Where is Billy Mumy when you need him? [via] Read the rest

Think Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear ad was Photoshopped a bit much?

I don't know, but it seems to me like it was retouched a bit too much. The Bieb looks like a sensory homonculus. Read the rest

WATCH: Ghost chases crying man driving backwards

According to the Daily Record, the terrified dudes in the car are yelling "Move the car backwards," and "Faster! Faster!" in Arabic. Both reasonable things to shriek, given the circumstances. The area of Blackburn, England where this was filmed is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a monk who was murdered there 372 years ago this month.

Read the rest

WATCH: 2 Chainz schools Nancy Grace about weed prohibition

Screechy plastic replicant lady Nancy Grace gets a lesson from 2 Chainz about the dangers of weed prohibition. Read the rest

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