Vox received no threats for supporting Hedbo, many threats for covering Islamophobia

"The most common states a desire that jihadist militants will murder the offending writer: a recent email hoped that Muslims will 'behead you one day' so that 'we will never have to read your trash again.' Some directly threaten violence themselves, or imply it with statements such as 'May you rot in hell.'"

Others express a desire to murder all Muslims — one simply read "I agree with maher Kill them all" — also often implying the emailed journalist is themselves Muslim. One pledge to attack Vox writers begins, "Fuck you and any cunt who believes in allah."

As is often the case, the strongest threats have been reserved for women. One writer received a message arguing that someone should "put a gun up your ass" to make her understand terrorism.

Ironically, these threats are typically couched in arguments that Muslims are inherently irrational and violent. Further, threats made with the explicit intention of silencing journalists from discussing Islamophobia are positioned as necessary "defenses" of free speech against the threat of Islam. The people making the threats seem unaware that they are themselves seeking to curb the very free speech they pretend to uphold.

Vox got no threats for posting Charlie Hebdo cartoons, dozens for covering Islamophobia [Max Fisher and Amanda Taub/Vox]

(via Mitch Wagner)