RIP Kim Fowley

RIP Kim Fowley, pervy weirdo protopunk and manager of The Runaways.

Kim Fowley, Runaways Producer and L.A. Rock Icon, Dead at 75 Read the rest

Don't Fear The Roomba? An Interview with Daniel H. Wilson

Author and robotics engineer Daniel H. Wilson chats with us about his new story/app called Mayday: Deep Space about a person trapped on a ship full of monsters. Only you can help him survive! But of course we have to ask Daniel when the robots will rise up and kill us all.

Show notes here! Support us on Patreon! Read the rest

Cameron to press Obama for help outlawing encryption, destroying internet freedom

What could go wrong?

New net neutrality legislation not needed, says White House

A White House rep says new legislation is not necessary to settle "net neutrality" rules because the FCC had the authority to write them.

Obama's cybercrime push, free speech hypocrisy, the Wired memo: Xeni on KCRW's 'Press Play'

A rundown of our top stories this week.

Cuban cigar ban over

BBC: New travel and trade rules between the US and Cuba are to take effect on Friday, US officials say. Read the rest

A fantastic standing (or sitting) desk

I love my government surplus Hamilton drafting table. I found it for $175 on Craigslist. Read the rest

Hand crank your own freshly milled whole grains

I feel like I’ve discovered a sort of breakfast unified field theory. And it’s all thanks to an impulse purchase at an awesome new homesteading supply shop in our Los Angeles neighborhood, The King’s Roost. My credit card discharged from my pocket like ectoplasm at a 19th century seance when I spotted the KoMo FlicFloc.

The FlicFloc manually flakes oats, wheat, rye, barley, millet, spelt, rice, sesame, flax seed, poppy and spices. The breakfast possibility it opened to me? Fresh muesli is thy name. Finally a filling and healthy alternative to my Grape Nuts addiction.

The FlicFloc is elegant and simple. There’s not much to say about it. You put grain in the top, turn the handle and deliciousness discharges into a glass, thoughtfully provided. I’ve owned a KoMo grain mill for a year now and it’s been a life changer in the kitchen. I really like having access to freshly milled whole grains when I need them. It eliminates waste as ground grains spoil. And whole grain, including oats, get bitter if they sit around too long.

And cancel the Neflix – Below is KoMo’s Austrian/German design team demonstrating their products. All this video needs is Werner Herzog to narrate the English language version. Note the solar powered manufacturing facility and German breakfast porn. Also note the mouthwatering array of whole grain baked goods. -- Erik Knuzten

KoMo FlicFloc Flaker ($178) Read the rest

Marriot backs down on WiFi blocking

Glenn Fleishman: "They haven't withdrawn the petition, but they have backed way off publicly and in a follow-up FCC comment on their petition." Read the rest

Each state's most disproportionately popular cuisine

According to a survey using Yelp data, Marylanders and Virginians love Peruvian food, Ohioans love soup, Coloradans love gluten free, and West Virginians love hotdog. Other trends: Read the rest

New Groo

I like Groo. I like cheese dip. Read the rest

Feminist Sex Positions (NSFW)

Liz Miele takes on the lack of feminist sex position jokes. Read the rest

The World's Angriest Guitar Player

He makes me feel much better about my attitude while practicing. Read the rest

WATCH: Car dealership stiffs pizza delivery guy

A TV network should hire everyone seen here, recreate the back office on a soundstage, and make a show called F&R Auto Sales. The woman who threatened to put her foot in the delivery guy's ass would get nominated for an Emmy, and the guy who chortled at her witty retort would win one. Read the rest

WATCH: QVC hosts argue over whether the moon is a star or a planet

QVC lady: Isn't the moon a star?

Isaac Mizrahi: No, the moon is a planet, darling. Read the rest

Watch how responsive laser car headlights can change night driving

Of all the CES videos this year, the most surprisingly interesting one demonstrated responsive laser auto headlights. In the concept demo, sensors gauge driving conditions and objects as they come into view, even splitting the beam so it doesn't blast oncoming vehicles with light. Read the rest

The magic tidier KonMarie teaches how to fold your T-shirts

Kelly Coyne of Root Simple wrote about following the clothes-folding advice of Marie Kondo, author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Read the rest

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