X-Wing fighter rocker

Steve Coupe, a woodworker in New Zealand, created this wonderful children's rocker in the shape of an X-Wing fighter, complete with an R2-D2, working for about 40 hours to complete the piece for a charity auction to benefit a children's hospital.

"The lighter and larger panels of the X-wing are Radiata pine, the golden parts are native Macrocarpa, with the darker parts made from native Rimu," Coupe told Crave.

It took a few hours each night for a couple of months for Coupe to complete the X-wing rocker. "it was about 40 hours of filling my nostrils with galactic sawdust," Coupe said.

For any fans that want to make their own X-wing rockers, Coupe has a few suggestions.

"The X-wing became very large — and very heavy, so plan to make parts that can be dismantled for better storage and transportation," Coupe said. "With my version — the wings bolt on and so do the rockers."

DIY 'Star Wars' X-wing rocker rocks the younglings [Bonnie Burton/Cnet]