Teacher wants to give desk cycles to her inner city high school students

Mrs. Fabian is a teacher at East Boston High School in a high-poverty area in Massachusetts. She's learned that giving DeskCycles to her students has helped their ability to focus tremendously. She is seeking donations to buy 9 8 more (we bought one for her classroom).

"My students are ambitious, street smart, funny, out of the box thinkers that can lead passionate analytical debate and write moving, crushing memoirs. They have what it takes. What we need are resources such as desk cycles. Students that have difficulty with the intense amount of seat time involved in a high school day, are hyperactive, and/or attempting to be healthier, can unobtrusively exercise while working.

My students absolutely love the current desk cycle. It straps to the bottom of the desk. One example: I have a hyperactive student that was previously only comfortable working off a clipboard so that he could stand or walk around, which was a tiny bit distracting. Now he can work at a desk, spread out his stuff, and others don't notice him. Another girl loves working with it because she wants a "Bum like Beyonce" and she is delighted to spend her first block getting fit while she works. She now comes to school in layers so she can comfortably work out. This has added to her grade, simply because it has increased her attendance. I have her first block and she was chronically late previously."