Christian miner who refused 'Mark of the Beast' Antichrist biometric hand scanner awarded $150K

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A mining company employee who refused to submit to biometric hand scanning because he feared the scanner would imprint him with the "Mark of the Beast," was awarded $150,000 in damages by a federal jury last week.

The employee, who is an evangelical Christian, was told he had to submit to the tracking technology for time and attendance logging. He said using the scanner went against his religious beliefs.

Last Thursday a federal jury ruled in favor of Beverly R. Butcher Jr., a general laborer at the Consol Energy/Consolidation Coal Co.'s Mannington mining operations, who said he was forced to retire because of his religious beliefs after refusing to use new biometric technology used to track employee attendance and time.

Butcher refused to use the new technology because he feared the technology was associated with the Antichrist and would imprint him with the "Mark of The Beast," a reference to a passage from the book of Revelation in the Bible.

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