Silicone mini-pinch bowls have 101 uses

These 4-oz silicone rubber bowls (4 for $(removed)) come in handy in so many ways. Read the rest

A lovingly curated scrapbook biography of the late Nick Drake

When English singer/songwriter/musician Nick Drake tragically died in 1974 (ironically from an overdose of anti-depressant medication), he was not tremendously well-known. But in death, his hauntingly beautiful compositions have transformed him into a highly influential musical figure who’s inspired generations of musical artists. Read the rest

Nevermind what Silicon Valley thinks of women, what the hell is Newsweek thinking?

Guys. Sticking an arrow up her butt is one thing, but why does she have no eyes?

“Man can’t change climate,” only God can, says Senate chair of Environment & Public Works

We are so screwed.

Comcast changes customer's name on bill to “Asshole Brown”

Oh dear. Read the rest

How to leak news safely in the age of total digital surveillance

A solid roundup of advice from Micah F. Lee for sources in the age of digital surveillance: here's how to leak to The Intercept, as safely as possible. Micah's a former EFF-er, currently of First Look Media (publishers of The Intercept), and he is also a board member of Freedom of the Press Foundation.

This publication was created in part as a platform for journalism arising from unauthorized disclosures by NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Our founders and editors are strongly committed to publishing stories based on leaked material when that material is newsworthy and serves the public interest. So ever since The Intercept launched, our staff has tried to put the best technology in place to protect our sources. Our website has been protected with HTTPS encryption from the beginning. All of our journalists publish their PGP keys on their staff profiles so that readers can send them encrypted email. And we’ve been running a SecureDrop server, an open source whistleblower submission system, to make it simpler and more secure for anonymous sources to get in touch with us.

But caution is still advised to those who want to communicate with us without exposing their real-world identities.

What not to do, what to worry about, and how to actually go about leaking to the press when you don't want your real-world identity revealed. Good advice for the next Edward Snowden, who may be you.


Despite Sen. Burr's scheming, the ACLU's still fighting to get the entire Senate torture report released

“Last night, in response to Sen. Burr’s recent request for the administration to return all copies of the report, we filed an emergency motion to stop such a return from happening. ”

Greece's new finance minister used to be Valve's games economist

Yanis Varoufakis used to manage in-game economies in games like Counter-Strike; now he's finance minister for a Greek government that has set its sights on reforming the entire basis of austerity and debt service in the Eurozone. Read the rest

A beginner's guide to the Redpill Right

The gnostic paradox of young, tech-savvy traditionalists, who see through everything except their own conspiracy theories

How to cut a bell pepper without getting seeds everywhere

A good video that shows you how to prep a pepper for cutting. Read the rest

FCC to hotels: WiFi blocking is prohibited

Megan Geuss: "Persons or businesses causing intentional interference to Wi-Fi hotspots are subject to enforcement action. Previously. Read the rest

Custom "Feminist Killjoy" glitter banner

If you don't need this banner, you're probably doing it wrong: $36 from Unicorn Parade of Vancouver. (via Mary Sue) Read the rest

Google fought gag order over Wikileaks emails

The company says that it fought the warrants and their gag orders, and the reason they weren't able to follow Twitter's suit by disclosing the warrants' existence was that prosecutors were furious over the public backlash when Twitter got to disclose. Read the rest

A fake Harvard diploma costs $650

Zack Crockett of Pricenomics looks at the fake diploma business. Read the rest

Watch a video of people watching a VR porn video

Here's a video of people wearing the Oculus Rift VR goggles and watching 3D VR porn. Language is NSFW. Read the rest

X-ray shows SpongeBob SquarePants inside of child

A youngster in Saudi Arabi swallowed a SpongeBob SquarePants pendant and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Read the rest

Rowlf the Dog covers Biz Markie's "Just a Friend"

It's an amazing piece of video editing/lip-syncing, right up there with Sesame Street Sure Shot. Read the rest

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