Vintage Monster Valentines

In 1966, Topps issued a series of "Frankenstein Valentine Stickers" that have only improved with age.

Waaaay way back in 1966, Topps put out a series of trading cards called Frankenstein Valentine Stickers, 44 sticker cards in total that featured the likenesses of iconic movie monsters, along with messages of love that ranged from clever to downright creepy. The stickers were painted by artist Norman Saunders (he also did art for the Mars Attacks and Wacky Packages cards), and the individual 5 cent packs of five cards each came with a stick of gum, as was the norm for Topps back in the day.

Though the box the packs were housed in labeled the cards as 'Frankenstein Valentine Stickers', the packs for whatever reason were emblazoned with a graphic that simply read 'Frankenstein Stickers'. Just in case you were wondering why the pack above doesn't have the word 'Valentine' in it.

Cool Shit : Vintage Monster Valentines!
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