GOP senator: abolish hand-washing regulations in restaurants

Instead of mandating that restaurant employees wash their hands between wiping their asses and making your food, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) says the state should only require them to advise the public of any handwashing policies in place.

Because "the market will take care of that!"

Around that point in the conversation, a Starbucks employee emerged from the restroom. The colleague asked if Tillis thought that the employee should be required by regulations to wash his hands after going to the bathroom."

His response: "I don't have any problem with Starbucks, if they choose to opt out of this policy as long as they post a sign that say 'we don't require our employees to wash their hands after using the restroom'…the market will take care of that!"

"That's probably one [case] where every business that did that would go out of business, but I think it's good to illustrate the point that that's the sort of mentality we need to have to reduce the regulatory burden on this country."

GOP senator's example of reducing regulatory burden: letting restaurant workers opt out of washing their hands after using the bathroom [Accordion Guy]