Hilarious condom crowdfunding video makes excellent use of unicorns

The unicorn motif is a play on the startup condom brand's name: Einhorn, which translated from German means "one horn," which is also a reference to the male wiener.

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From their crowdfunding campaign page:

Fair produced and brilliant in design: a combination that promises success. einhorn is a special condom. But, why?

We all know the game: condoms are normally just a means to a way. They protect against sexual diseases and are a safe contraceptive method. But, do we actually like them? No. Most even find the purchase awkward. We'll even buy a bag of chips to camouflage the box on the conveyor belt. We want to change that with einhorn – we're going to package the condoms ourselves in chip bags designed by prominent designers. Instead of dreading the cash register, we're itching to get these babies home.


The last thing on your mind while buying a condom: how are condoms actually made? Condoms are produced out of natural rubber; the latex milk is produced primarily by rubber tappers in Asia through a very laborious harvesting process. Classical economics: those who do the most work get the least of the profits – even though condoms' margins are comparable to luxury products. And we all know this same spiel: large areas of rain forest are cleared to plant rubber trees. What's more: poisonous pesticides are sprayed in order to protect these vulnerable monocultures from pests. The consequences: contaminated ground water. We want to change all of this in the next few years.

Our solution? We want to produce the first genuinely fair and sustainable condom. But einhorn condoms are just the prelude since our main goal is that fair products are a no-brainer. And thereby every purchase becomes a good thing.


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