Kickstarting more episodes of the podcast Aaron Swartz helped start

Ben Winkler and Aaron Swartz created "The Good Fight," a podcast about David and Goliath stories; now Winkler is raising money to keep the series going.

Politics and social issues like you've never heard them before.

The Good Fight tells immersive, personal, documentary-style radio stories about epic real-life battles for a better world. It's not the podcast you feel you ought to listen to—it's the one can't live without.

In our first year, we interviewed a lobbyist nun, a gay rights activist from Uganda, and a Boy Scout with two moms. We clocked a million downloads. For a few days, we even topped the iTunes charts. Now, with your help, we'll take the show to places where no furiously opinionated, shamelessly enthusiastic, sonically adventurous radio storytelling program has ever gone.

This show is people-powered. We've had, thanks to our sponsor and partner, an amazing chance to build momentum in year one. Now comes the real test: are there enough of us who believe in this show to help it soar into 2015?

The Good Fight: David vs Goliath stories, in real life