Woman and companion kangaroo booted from McDonald's

Diana Moyer of Columbus, Wisconisn was kicked out of a local McDonald's when a customer complained about her support animal, a baby kangaroo named Jimmy. Moyer and Jimmy have frequented that McDonald's for months without issue. From the Daily Citizen:

She describes Jimmy as a support or therapy animal. According to her, a support animal is similar to a service animal, but a support animal does not have a specific task. She didn't want to go into detail, but she said she is disabled and visits a doctor in Madison who approved of the use of a support/therapy animal. She declined to share the doctor’s name.

Jimmy is the youngest of her current five kangaroos. There are also Perry, 2, Anna, 3, Ruby, 5, and Charles, 7. Ruby and Charles are the mother and father of Perry and Anna.

"Kangaroo jumps to offer therapy" (Daily Citizen)