Kickstarting a new life for out-of-print sf classics

Once again, Brooklyn's wonderful sf bookstore Singularity & Co is running a Kickstarter drive to research and acquire the rights to lost, brilliant science fiction classics, convert them to ebooks, and release them as free or low-cost ebooks (the last campaign rescued 36 books!).

They're after $15K (which they've raised), and additional funds will mean more books saved. The premiums include all the old books, the books they're rescuing in this lot, and even a sleepover party for you and your friends in their beautiful store.

This Kickstarter campaign will allow us to rescue another year's worth of neglected texts by providing for the following:

* Acquiring and curating the treasures to be found among many, many paper copies of old, out of print sci-fi books

* Expanding our website to better allow us to display and deliver our growing library – physically as well as electronically

* Building a better open source book scanner to aid in turning forgotten paper books into e-books

* Covering costs associated with tracking down rightsholders, authors and/or their estates, as well as clearing or acquiring the electronic publishing rights to our orphaned books

* Spreading the word not only to established fans but also to potential supporters who love great books and ideas (may include attending conventions, creating t-shirts, prints, advertising, etc.)

* Covering costs associated with legal work to be done by our attorneys, all of whom are generously contributing their time pro bono (we're trying to keep our costs as low as possible)

Please help us bring the past and future together – Singularity loves company!

Save the Sci Fi: The Next Generation!

(Thanks, Cici!)