Necromantic lawyers say George Patton can't appear in video games

California's insane publicity rights regime mean that the general — who's been dead for 69 years — can't be a video-game character because people might mistakenly think he endorses the game.

Which brings us directly back to how the CMG Worldwide lawyers are necromancers. After all, the lawsuit only makes a general kind of sense assuming that George Patton could somehow come back from the dead and endorse a product for real, thus this use breeding the confusion. CMG obviously vetted the suit, which means they too believe that zombies are real. The only logical reason for them to think so would be if they could animate zombies themselves. And that's necromancy, case freaking closed.

Or else publicity rights are stupid. It's definitely one of the two…

Video Game Maker Sued By Lawyer/Necromancer For Featuring General Patton In-Game [Timothy Geigner/ Techdirt]