Teen artist proposes nude statue of Bill Cosby with Fat Albert in place of his genitals

According to a press release issued by a Florida gallery, teenage artist Rodman Daniel Edwards "has designed a sculpture replace the Dr Cliff Huxtable monument outside the TV Hall of Fame with a bronze nude statue in the likeness of Bill Cosby circa 2015, with Fat Albert, crying, arms outstretched, in place of his genitals."

"I wanted to deal with this particular current event, because I was a big fan of Fat Albert when I was very young. I felt I needed to speak up, and show what I think of this through my art," Edwards told The Creators Project. "I actually asked my father if he already had plans for a Bill Cosby sculpture. When he said no, I asked if I could work on this idea I had, and he was very encouraging about it. He was happy with the results I came out with."

Rodman's father Daniel Edwards is also a sculptor, who gained notoriety for his life-size sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug.