Journal of mountaineering death and disaster

"I think people find it instructive and helpful, but also kind of fun — in a macabre kind of way," says American Alpine Club exec director Douglas MacDonald of the org's annual report "Accidents in North American Mountaineering."

From National Geographic:


The Journal captures the greatest triumphs of the year. Accidents reports its worst moments. Though little known beyond the world of rock climbing and mountaineering, Accidents, which has been published since 1943, is widely respected in these communities for its non-judgmental style and distinctive, clinical prose.

In 2013, the year most recently surveyed, Accidents in North American Mountaineering reported 143 climbing accidents in the United States and 11 in Canada among an estimated 300,000 active climbers in both countries. There were 25 fatalities. (Accidents covers technical rock, ice, and mountaineering incidents. Hiking and other general outdoor mishaps are not covered.)

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