Scots! Here's your chance to kill Scotland's national ID database

Ed from the Open Rights Group sez, "The Scottish Government has plans to create a national identity database and we have to stop it."

The new database would put Scottish citizens into a system like the scrapped and unpopular UK ID cards scheme. This would fundamentally change the relationship between citizens and the state and jeopardise our privacy.

The Scottish Government has slowly been building up this scheme for the last 9 years. But in that time there's never been any serious democratic debate. And now they're running a minor consultation on the biggest step of the scheme so far.

We have a great chance to put pressure on the Scottish Government and tell them to stop. Anyone in Scotland can respond to the consultation. They haven't made it easy though so we've built a tool so you can tell them what you think.

Tell the Scottish Government that their plans put our privacy at risk and that they should put a stop to this now.

Say no to a Scottish national ID system