Kickstarting a next-gen steampunk nixie clock

Kyle writes, "The first clock in my series of Steampunk Nixie timepieces was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year, and I've just released the next design! Sleeker, smaller, and at a lower price point, the clock is available in black walnut or purpleheart. 700+ backlight colours, and a ton of other features, each unit is handmade by me."

The clocks start at $400 (for black walnut casings) and at $650 acquire lots of interesting features like GPS modules for time-sync. Kyle's delivered on his Kickstarter promises before, which is a good sign that he'll fill orders this time around, but as with all crowdfunding, caveat emptor.

Steampunk Nixie Clock MKII – Retro Tube Clock Design