Antarctic explorers' huts restored after 100 years of neglect

The huts where Antarctic explorers Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, and their crews called home a century ago have been restored to their original, er, coziness.

From National Geographic:

The New Zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Trust decided to honor the original explorers by taking the buildings, abandoned in the 1940s, "back in time to when the heroic era of exploration stopped—roughly in 1917, during World War I," said lead conservator Gordon Macdonald of Macdonald & Lawrence, a carpentry company located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Working from historical photographs and documents, it took experts ten years to conserve the huts, which had suffered due to water seepage, age, and simply being left to the elements in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

"100 Years Later, Antarctic Explorers' Huts Look Frozen in Time"