The Babadook – the horrror flick that's on iTunes and in your nightmares

The Babadook is a forthcoming Australian horror movie that avoids the usual production clichés in favor of a literary sense of dread.

There's no gore, no loud, startling soundtrack, and there's no serial killers hiding in the corners of this horror flick. There's just an exhausted single mother living with her difficult son. Which is why this movie is so scary.

After finding a disturbing children's book called The Babadook in their home, mother Amelia struggles to convince her son, Sam, that there is no monster lurking in their home. Sam, however, can't be convinced, and what follows is a tense tour through Amelia's unraveling.

Essie Davis kills it as Amelia, whose weariness is practically contagious to the viewer. As the presence in the house becomes more and more visceral, Davis' transition from meek and loving mother, to angry and dangerous is easily the most upsetting part of the film.

Not recommended to anyone with mommy issues, for sure. But definitely recommended to anyone in the mood for good, old fashioned horror movie making.