Links: Jail bosses who steal from workers; realistic online mental health quiz; RCMP classes "anti-petroleum" activists as terrorists; Lenovo thought you'd love that spyware!

☣ We're Jailing the Wrong People. We Need to Jail More of the Right Ones: Corporate Criminals [Robert Kuttner/American Prospect]
Every year, workers are cheated out of tens of billions of dollars of pay—more than larceny, robbery and burglary combined.

☣ Quiz: what mental disorder do you have? [Dean Burnett/Guardian]
How would you describe your memory?

A. Very reliable.

B. Reasonably reliable.

C. Unreliable.

D. I have terrible problems with my memory that have been getting progressively worse. I started by forgetting to pay important bills, and then I was repeatedly brought home by the police because they'd found me wandering the streets in the night. I never had any idea of how I got there or what I was doing. People keep making me do these tests and asking me questions, but I do get quite angry when I can't recall things.

☣ Freeing up unused IP addresses []
Glyn writes: "The UK's Department for Work and Pensions owns a /8 block, that is roughly 16.8 million IP addresses and they are looking at selling them.

So not only is the UK looking at obtaining quite a bit of money, some one is going to get a rare commonality, let the speculation begin on how much they will raise."

☣ 'Anti-petroleum' movement a growing security threat to Canada, RCMP say [Shawn McCarthy/Globe and Mail]
"There is a growing, highly organized and well-financed anti-Canada petroleum movement that consists of peaceful activists, militants and violent extremists who are opposed to society's reliance on fossil fuels," concludes the report which is stamped "protected/Canadian eyes only" and is dated Jan. 24, 2014. The report was obtained by Greenpeace.

☣ Lenovo honestly thought you'd enjoy that Superfish HTTPS spyware [Nate Anderson/Ars Technica]
The amazing-est thing about the news that Lenovo installed malicious adware on its laptops is that they appear never to have asked themselves: "If the manufacturer can easily do a man-in-the-middle attack on secure web-browsing, why doesn't everyone do it?"

☣ "Management Psychology" (Klofracs Books, 1972) [Scarfolk]

Oh, Scarfolk, don't ever change! Oh, right…