Throwing beer and yelling racial slurs at kids? Disorderly conduct

The families injured feel disorderly conduct is a light charge for the racist jerk who ruined a hockey game for some Native American kids, spraying them with beer and yelling racial slurs.

Via Indian Country:

A man who hurled beer and racial slurs at a group of Native American kids last month at a hockey game in Rapid City, South Dakota, will be charged with disorderly conduct, officials said Wednesday in a statement.

Suspect Trace O'Connell, 41, of Philip, faces up to 30 days in jail and a $500 if convicted, police said. O'Connell is accused of pouring beer on a group of Native American students during a Rapid City Rush hockey game at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. He's also accused of telling the kids to "go back to the reservation."