Going Street to Hell [Street Angel 015]

Street Angel crashes through a window —plummeting to her death!?! Is this the beginning of an exciting new adventure, or the end of the line?

This is the Platonic ideal of Russian YouTube videos

ECards says this video may be the Platonic ideal of Russian YouTube videos.

It has every element necessary:

A bear. Someone engaging in reckless behavior around a large animal. People speaking calmly in Russian while faced with certain death. Bleakness. Raw meat.
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Watch Adam Savage build a cosmonaut model kit

This is a very enjoyable one-hour video of Adam Savage sharing excellent model-construction tips as he paints and assembles a large cosmonaut model kit.

In this episode of One Day Builds, Adam spends a day at the shop assembling and painting a beautiful 1/6th scale garage kit, based on the fantastical characters of artist Derek Stenning. Adam and Norm each work on their own kit, and Adam teaches us some painting and weathering techniques to bring out the intricate details on this sci-fi cosmonaut figure.

See photos of the completed kit here. Read the rest

Fish with two mouths caught in Australia

"Other than that, it looks like a normal fish." Read the rest

Audiophile Micro SD Card

If you've been telling yourself that Sony's $1200 Walkman is actually a highly-polished, premium product—say, the audio equivalent of a professional DSLR camera—know that it is also making a $155 SD card to use with it for "premium sound." Consider yourself informed what sort of person Sony thinks you are, if you are thinking of buying that Walkman. [via @chrisheinonen] Read the rest

How black hole winds blow

Supermassive black holes at the cores of galaxies blast radiation and ultra-fast winds outward, as illustrated in this artist's conception from NASA/JPL-Caltech. Read the rest

Throwing beer and yelling racial slurs at kids? Disorderly conduct

The families injured feel disorderly conduct is a light charge for the racist jerk who ruined a hockey game for some Native American kids, spraying them with beer and yelling racial slurs. Read the rest

Rolls Royce announces a $340,000 SUV

There's nothing ostentatious about the Rolls Royce Cullinan, named after the famed 3,000 carat diamond. Read the rest

Open Carry T-shirts are an invitation to be shot by cops

The only difference between Open Carry T-Shirts and the Please Kill Me T-shirt that Richard Hell wore is that the Open Carry T-Shirts will really get you killed. Junior sizes available! Read the rest

"Science at the Oscars:" Google Hangout today at 1pm PT

Curious Stardust science/art writer Heather Sparks (aka my sister-in-law) is hosting a "Science at the Oscars" Google hang-out today at 1pm PT. Her guests include a cosmologist, nanoscientist, and neuroscientist! Read the rest

Final season of Mad Men will take place in 1976

The final season of Mad Men launches April 5. The episodes will take place in 1976, sixteen years after we first met Don Draper and Peggy Olson. Watch a teaser below. Read the rest

Drone Racing, Star Wars pod style

Kevin Kelly says: "Racers wear goggles and drive with a first person view (FPV). This video is in French, but there are now races all over the world, including of course the Bay Area" [via] Read the rest

Mysteries of the Criminal Mind is a fascinating read, but not for the light-hearted

Focusing on historical and modern-day crime, mostly in the United States, Mysteries of the Criminal Mind takes a look at the social environment, upbringing, genetics, DNA, and other factors that comprise the minds of kidnappers, rapists, murderers, and large-scale thieves and scammers. Read the rest

Sterling Archer Draper Pryce

Sterling Archer Draper Pryce is a fantastic tumblr, blending the wit of Archer with the images of Mad Men. Read the rest

An Internet of Things that do what they're told

California's phone bricking bill seems to have reduced thefts in the short run, but at the cost of giving dirty cops and wily criminals the power to wipe-and-brick your phone at will. Read the rest

Star Trek communicator and dog waste bag dispenser

This $8 Star Trek bag dispenser is dangling off Nemo's leash, ensuring I am ready to clean up after he has boldly gone. Read the rest

Roses are Red, Foxes are Clever

I like your butt. Let me touch it. Forever. Read the rest

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