College dean receives fake IDs meant for student named Dean

A college student in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania ordered some fake IDs for himself and some friends from China. Problem is, the student's name is Dean and the package was accidentally delivered to… a dean.


"You can't make this up," Radnor Police Superintendent William Colarulo said of the similarity in names that lead to the discovery.

The incident came to light when the unidentified dean opened a package from Guangzhou, China, that contained a small lime-green picture frame. Further examination discovered eight realistic – but fraudulent – identification cards made for four 18-year-old male students inside the back cover. The dean contacted authorities.

The students haven't been charged with a crime but the school called their parents and they may face disciplinary action. The report doesn't explain why the dean opened Dean's mail though, even if it landed at his address.

"Name mix-up thwarts ID scheme" (