Watch: Slow moving sea creatures time-lapse is a trip to another planet

Sandro Bocci's video of sea creatures, magnified and time-lapsed, is like encountering alien life forms. Read the rest

WATCH: An extremely dumbed down history of getting ripped off

"While smart people have many sources of wealth, their favorite is renewable and highly abundant: idiots like you." This 2:40 video shows the ways people foolishly throw their money away (and enrich predatory smart people): banks, advertising, and the lottery. Read the rest

How to make sourdough starter at home

Buttermilk waffles go perfectly with fried chicken. I've been perfecting my waffle recipe for years, but in order to make them like I do you'll need a sourdough starter. Read the rest

Chubby bunny and cat are friends, like to go on walks together

This 3-year-old male rabbit is buddies with an 8-year-old female cat in a farming community in Japan. They like to take walks together. Read the rest

Dawn of the Cosmos wall mural

Love this spaced-out wall art. Comes in various sizes, the largest of which is 180 inches wide. Read the rest

Philip K Dick on Disneyland, reality and science fiction (1978)

Here's an excellent, rambling PKD riff on the relationship of Disneyland to science fiction (and Episcopalianism) and what is, and is not, real. Read the rest

The Tory war on science in Canada: a chronology

Nine years of cuts; muzzlings; bad science, retaliatory firings, burned libraries, layoffs, closed investigations, censorship, withdrawal from international accords; Read the rest

Blind daters wear eyeglass videocams on new Guardian series

What could be more awkward than meeting a blind date? How about having to wear a video camera on your face (and your date doing the same) so everyone can see how awkward you are feeling meeting your blind date? Read the rest

EFF: Here's how to fix patents in America

Two years in the making, Defend Innovation is a whitepaper by Electronic Frontier Foundation attorneys, setting out a program for fixing America's horribly busted patent system. Read the rest

Water transfer painting is mesmerizing

It would be fun to have a small one of these water painting machine for Easter eggs. (Thanks, Matt!) Read the rest

600 Philip K. Dick book covers to keep you awake at night

If there's ever been a writer whose covers should not be used to judge their books, it's Philip K. Dick. His works are usually classified as a science fiction, but to me, he's a cyberpunk physicist, a time-traveling gnostic, and a prescient speed freak. He's also responsible for a slew of Hollywood films like Bladerunner and Total Recall, and the list goes on. I'm a fan of his, and that, of course, makes me a Dickhead. Read the rest

Tokyo club kids photographed in their bathtubs

You've been asking, "Where are my photos of Tokyo club kids in their bathtubs?" Tokyo-based Photographer Hal is here to help. Read the rest

Looking for a good genre novel? This giant chart could help

This poster is a reader's guide to various fiction genres. By following a path from genre to sub-genre to sub-sub-genre, you will arrive at a recommended book. For example, you can go travel along Empirical Occupational Fiction Music to get High Fidelity or Pink Cadillac. The image above is a detail from the poster. Read the rest

30-Day Guitar Workout

In addition to the oddest cover design ever, 30-Day Guitar Workout offers great exercises and has improved my playing. Read the rest

Robotic sculpture plays the violin

RO-BOW is Seth Goldstein's exquisitely-engineered kinetic sculpture that plays the violin. Read the rest

Paul Schweitzer, 76, is a typewriter repairman. Still.

Over at Backchannel, Mary Pilon on the last of the typewriter men who are fighting against obsolesence. Read the rest

1973 Turkish action film stars a villainous Spider-Man

I would rather watch 3 Giant Men (AKA: Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man) than any modern day superhero movie. Read the rest

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