Medium's new bloggy publishing tools

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Think Medium is just a place for you to post longform, high-production value stories? Think again. I'm excited that today, we rolled out a bloggier Medium in the form of a fantastic super-simple inline editor, new reading streams for easier scanning, and tags.

One of the primary reasons I joined Medium six months ago to lead the creative studio is because Ev Williams is at the helm of the company. I first met Ev in 2000 when Boing Boing began using the Blogger tool that he and his friends had made at Pyra Labs. Ever since, Ev has been relentless in his efforts to remove friction from writing and sharing stories and ideas on the Web. DIY publishing is what excited me about desktop computers in the 1980s, it's what delighted me when I first saw the Web back in 1994, and it's what makes me optimistic about the future today. And to me, that's exactly what Medium is -- a place to express yourself, read things that matter to you, and connect with other people and ideas. From Ev's post, "A Less Long, More Connected Medium:"

We know that length is not a measure of thoughtfulness. The quality of an idea is not determined by the polish of the writing. And production value does not determine worthiness of time investment on the web any more than it does at the movie theater.

We also know that sometimes you need to get a thought out in an incomplete form in order for it to grow — by bumping into other brains and breathing in fresh air.

Try it!

"New ways to Write and read on Medium"