The science of vaccine denial

The only real scientific mystery about vaccines is why so many people buy into the deadly pseudoscience of vaccine denial and put their kids -- and yours -- at risk of catching ancient, vanquished, deadly diseases. Read the rest

Last day to badger FCC over Net Neutrality: do it! Do it now!

The New York Times reports that the FCC will likely go ahead and treat the Internet as a utility, but don't let them off the hook just yet. Click "Save Net Neutrality" below and tell them what you think. Read the rest

Don't argue about vaccination with Rob Schneider if you value your sanity

California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez made the mistake of returning actor Rob Schneider's deranged anti-vaxx phonecalls and lived to tell the tale: "That is 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back arguing that vaccines don't cause autism with Deuce Bigalow, male gigolo." Read the rest

Mary Poppins sings death metal

This funny little video is pretty righteous.

Why aren’t more news organizations protecting their e-mail with STARTTLS encryption?

“We found that news organizations like the Associated Press, Le Monde, LA Times, CBS News, Forbes, Baltimore Sun, and Der Spiegel are still not protecting journalists and their sources from this type of surveillance.”

Yahoo's security boss faces down NSA director over crypto ban

During Monday's Cybersecurity for a New America conference in DC, Yahoo's Chief Information Security Officer Alex Stamos stood up and had an intense verbal showdown with NSA director Mike Rogers about the NSA's plan to ban working crypto, in which the nation's top spook fumfuhed and fumbled to explain how this idea isn't totally insane. Read the rest

A Few Silent Men: 'A Few Good Men' with all the dialogue removed

“You want dialogue? You can't HANDLE the dialogue!” Read the rest

Purina sued over claims it killed 4,000 dogs with 'toxic' food

James Joiner at the Daily Beast reports that a class action lawsuit alleges that a mold byproduct used in dog food by popular pet kibble makers Purina has led thousands of pets to agonizing deaths. Read the rest

Bungee cords with a ring for gripping

I camp a lot and picked up six Power Pull bungee cords last year.

I thought the pull ring was a good idea after having more than a few regular bungees slip from my hands while stretching. The ring makes these easy to secure. Even better, the ring provides an additional tie down location. This works out great when latching locations are limited. My wife really loves them, a huge plus. A simple, very useful, innovation. -- Patrick Leary Read the rest

Big Content publishes a love-letter to TPP

The secretive, corrupt, illegitimate Trans-Pacific Partnership would bind its members -- including the USA and Canada -- to criminalize file-sharing, putting people in jail for watching TV the wrong way, and that's just fine with the copyright lobbyist group Global Intellectual Property Center. Read the rest

Medium's new bloggy publishing tools

Think Medium is just a place for you to post longform, high-production value stories? Think again. I'm excited that today, we rolled out a bloggier Medium in the form of a fantastic super-simple inline editor, new reading streams for easier scanning, and tags.

One of the primary reasons I joined Medium six months ago to lead the creative studio is because Ev Williams is at the helm of the company. I first met Ev in 2000 when Boing Boing began using the Blogger tool that he and his friends had made at Pyra Labs. Ever since, Ev has been relentless in his efforts to remove friction from writing and sharing stories and ideas on the Web. DIY publishing is what excited me about desktop computers in the 1980s, it's what delighted me when I first saw the Web back in 1994, and it's what makes me optimistic about the future today. And to me, that's exactly what Medium is -- a place to express yourself, read things that matter to you, and connect with other people and ideas. From Ev's post, "A Less Long, More Connected Medium:"

We know that length is not a measure of thoughtfulness. The quality of an idea is not determined by the polish of the writing. And production value does not determine worthiness of time investment on the web any more than it does at the movie theater.

We also know that sometimes you need to get a thought out in an incomplete form in order for it to grow — by bumping into other brains and breathing in fresh air.

Read the rest

The art of the Soviet propaganda poster

After the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Soviet Union was flooded with striking posters spreading communist propaganda. Read the rest

A "super sexy and silky" way to use bone broth

Bone broth is hot. I love it for making my mediocre cooking taste more complex and accomplished. Others love it for its nutritional value.

San Diego-based Bare Bones Broth company makes some of the best bone broth I've tasted. One of their co-founders, Ryan, was nice enough to share a sexy chicken and sauce recipe with me: Read the rest

Watch this guy get punched in his homemade Batsuit

It can take blows from baseball bats, machetes and punches. Made with kevlar and silicone molds, this suit is ready for action. Read the rest

Don’t video your friends running -- it’s intellectual property theft

Sports fans visiting huge coliseums are fairly accustomed to having their YouTube videos of the game removed. Expensive sports tickets typically contain prohibitions against shooting vids in the venue (and that’s a debate in itself). But shots of everyday people huffing and puffing over grass in a public space? Come on. A new policy by the nation’s largest running organization -- USA Track and Field -- nixes YouTube clips shot at the races it organizes, most of which are casual amateur events.

When a small running club (of which I’m a member) had its footage removed from YouTube and then called to ask why, the track and field association responded by comparing themselves to the NBA and saying the offending shots (of awkward running people) infringed on its intellectual property assets. The video in question has been linked in this article on the ordeal (Trigger Warning: endless shots of running followed by frank depictions of people dancing badly at some afterparty.) Read the rest

In 1997, Gillian Anderson posed as Morticia Addams

Photographed by Mark Seliger for US Magazine, Ms. Anderson posed as every weirdo's favorite mama. It was hot. Read the rest

Firework or Sex Toy – The Boing Boing Game

RULES OF THE GAME: Fun for the whole family, “Firework or Sex Toy” consists of shouting out EITHER a product from a major fireworks company OR a product from major sex toy company. It’s up to contestants in the room to match the product names to the correct industry.

Here is a selection to get you started:

Sold by TNT Fireworks, Florence, AL:

Girl’s Best Friend, Not for the Timid, Thrill Seeker, Meow, No Limit, Lost Control, Team 6 Arsenal, Steel Force, Delirium, Festival Balls

Sold by Good Vibrations, San Francisco, CA:

Comet II, Pop Your Top, Wonderland Mystical Mushroom, Lady Luck, Pocket Rocket, Power Dancer, Double Delight, Night Rider

BONUS ROUND: Have participants guess where the following pieces of marketing copy appear:

“A traditional favorite gone mad . . . this will leave a smile on your face.”

“You will be shaken AND stirred.”

“Watch the ground erupt slowly into a plume of pretty lemon and purple sparkles, climaxing into a louder crackling sliver and purple sparkles. WOW.”

[HINT: All are TNT.] Read the rest

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