Magic Leap wants to replace your mobile phone with nothing

magic-leapRony Abovitz is CEO of the secretive 3d company, Magic Leap.

Yesterday he did a Reddit Ask Me Anything, and gave a few hints about his company's aspirations, which include being a universal physical screen replacement. He also dissed competitors' 3D tech (like the kind used by Oculus Rift):

"The brain is very neuroplastic — and there is no doubt that near-eye stereoscopic 3-D systems have the potential to cause neurologic change," he said. "There is a history (for optics geeks) of issues that near-eye stereoscopic 3-D may cause — but this has always been very limited use and small populations (like the military)."

People who have experienced Magic Leap's 3D images are blown away with its realism. MIT Technology Review describes the difference between Magic Leap's and Oculus's technologies:

[S]tereoscopic 3-D, the most commonly used method, is essentially tricking your eyes instead of working with the way you normally see things. It produces a sense of depth by showing each eye a separate image of the same object at a different angle. But since that forces you to look simultaneously at a flat screen in the distance and images that appear to be moving in front of you, it can make you dizzy and lead to headaches and nausea… Magic Leap had to come up with an alternative to stereoscopic 3-D—something that doesn't disrupt the way you normally see things. Essentially, it has developed an itty-bitty projector that shines light into your eyes — light that blends in extremely well with the light you're receiving from the real world.