Emma Thompson on tax-strike until HSBC tax evaders are jailed

The actor and her husband, Greg Wise, have vowed to withhold their tax until the UK tax authorities begin to imprison the tax-cheats who were revealed to be using HSBC's Swiss money-laundry, even if it means going to jail themselves. Read the rest

VA boss caught lying about serving in the Special Forces

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald has apologized for lying to a veteran about serving in the Special Forces. (via Super Punch) Read the rest

Write for Wink - and get paid!

Calling all writers! Wink needs reviewers! Wink is launching a new site, Wink Fun, which will feature daily reviews of games, toys, puzzles, kits, extreme sports gear, dolls, and anything else that is purely for FUN. Read the rest

How to make tasty unsweetened ginger ale

Use a Microplane zester/grater to make ginger root pulp. Read the rest

A five-year video timelapse of the Sun

Gorgeous video from NASA Goddard's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which recently marked a 5 year anniversary. Read the rest

Camel laughs with humans

This video of a camel just chilling with his bros in what is probably a Mideast country is funny but also a little creepy. Read the rest

Basset hound clown car

Too much cute, cannot handle, buffer overflow.

Tactical cutlery

The Buck 941 Travelmate Kit Chocolate Paperstone Knife is a tactical spreading knife with a clip-on multispork. Read the rest

Crystallized books

Artist Alexis Arnold bends books at their spines, crumples them, and rolls them around in a Borax solution that causes them to be encrusted with tiny crystals. Read the rest

Motorized plywood go-kart

This is neat - a Kickstarted CNC-routed plywood go-kart kit with a gasoline engine. It starts at $745. Read the rest

Honey-dipped nudes: photographer Blake Little's “Preservation”

Photographer Blake Little drenches his human and canine subjects with buckets of real honey. Read the rest

Go Go Gadget Netflix! TV toons arrive on video service

New seasons of Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse are in production and will run on video service Netflix, reports Variety. They're also developing a show based on Playmobile toys, The Magic School Bus and Some Assembly Required—I knew I was holding onto my childlike immaturity for a reason. Read the rest

Supreme court justice cites Dr. Seuss

A Dr. Seuss reference has been dropped in the nation's highest court. Read the rest

Cellulose fibre filler - cure for stripped screw holes in wood

For years, I was frustrated by stripped screw holes, particularly with wooden doors. To get a screw to stay in the stripped hole, I stuffed wood pieces, plastic anchors, basically anything I could find that would fit in the hole. Usually the fix failed, and I was again searching for a MacGyver fix. Read the rest

The Art of Neil Gaiman

You can learn a lot by peering into an artist’s process. In The Art of Neil Gaiman, Gaiman friend and fan Hayley Campbell is given generous access to Gaiman’s notebooks, sketches, archives, and even the details on some of his failed projects. Read the rest

Which rock is classic?

538's Walt Hickey helps us understand what America calls classic rock, today. Read the rest

Lose yourself in these 10 amazing cellular-level macro photos by artist Linden Gledhill

In photos, he explores the physical world at different image scales, and within varying fragments of time.

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