Angry Youth Comix – like Beavis and Butthead, only stupider

Angry Youth Comix is a beautifully designed and produced hardcover book containing the complete run of an infantile, ridiculous comic book called Angry Youth (published from 2000–2008).

What was it that happened to cartoonist Johnny Ryan as a child to cause him to create these disgusting, animalistic comics with an obsession for scatology, cartoon violence, and juvenile delinquency? Was he dropped on his head as a baby? Did his parents chain him to a water pipe in the basement? We may never know. One thing is for certain – Ryan happens to be an excellent artist and gifted humorist. His stories about the misadventures of two horrible dumb-and-dumber teens (Loady McGee and Sinus O'Gynus) often make me laugh out loud, and his artwork is reminiscent of great gag cartoonists of the 1950s. As cartoonist Joe Sacco said of Ryan's work, it's "repulsive AND hilarious, which is a great combination."

This is a parody of R. Crumb's famous poster.

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