A deaf sound artist

Christine Sun Kim, deaf from birth, creates art at the intersection of sound, language, and music. Read the rest

Turn zucchini into noodles with a veggie peeler

I use a Natizo julienne / vegetable peeler to turn zucchini into flat "noodles" and spaghetti noodles. I like them more than pasta.

This excellent peeler is not a unitasker - it's a duotasker! One side slices vegetables into a bunch of thin strips with every stroke. Flip it over and it shaves off wide layers. I made thin noodles the other night. I put all the zucchini noodles in a bowl, added about a tablespoon of salt (to draw out the excess water) and let them sit for 30 minutes. I rinsed the noodles off and dunked them in boiling water for a minute, and topped it with tomato sauce and ground grass-fed beef.

The above photo is a dish my wife made for lunch. She put the strips in a bowl, mixed in a bit of olive oil and crushed garlic, then sautéed for a minute or two. Topped with tomato sauce, we scarfed it down and wish we'd made more. Read the rest

Adorable tiny kitten uses giant dog as fluffy pillow


The history of the New York City subway retold in a single GIF

A historical chronology of NYC's subway system, created by @aspersions 10 years ago with lots of tedious labor and Excel spreadsheets. Read the rest

Slurpee Waves in Nantucket, photographed by Jonathan Nimerfroh

The photographer who describes himself as "obsessed" with the ocean shot these amazing images of slushy winter waves near his Nantucket home.

Furr Division: Love Will Tear Up Your Couch (again)

There have been many visual riffs on the classic Joy Division album cover, but this is the most kitteh of them all.

New NASA Earth Science missions expand our understanding of the home planet

Four new NASA Earth-observing missions are collecting data from space, with a fifth set to begin orbit soon, after the busiest year of NASA Earth science launches in more than a decade. Read the rest

Companies should never try to intercept their users' encrypted traffic

Lenovo's disgraceful use of Superfish to compromise its users' security is just the tip of the iceberg: everywhere we look, companies have decided that it's a good idea to sneakily subvert their users' encryption. Read the rest

Watch Adam Savage build a model of the maze from The Shining

Adam Savage has been having a lot of fun making models lately (like this cosmonaut model). In this video, we get to see the large scale model of the Overlook Hotel's maze that he built. Read the rest

Everyday people as superheroes hanging off skyscrapers (really)

Benjamin Von Wong, the man behind "everyday people photographed as 'Super Athletes,'" has since photographed everyday people dressed as superheroes actually on the edge of skyscrapers. Behind-the-scenes video below. Read the rest

Angry Youth Comix - like Beavis and Butthead, only stupider

Angry Youth Comix is a beautifully designed and produced hardcover book containing the complete run of an infantile, ridiculous comic book called Angry Youth (published from 2000–2008). Read the rest

Net Neutrality wins

In a 3 to 2 party-line vote, the FCC decided today that broadband internet access will be classified as a "telecommunications service under Title II," a utility like telephone service.

The ruling enshrines major aspects of net neutrality, the principle that favors an "open internet" and which limits what service providers can do to control access to it.

The new rules specifically prohibit blocking legal traffic, intentionally degrading the service quality given to particular sites, services or devices, and paid prioritization, whereby partners pay for access to "fast lanes." FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and Democratic commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel each favored the rules. Republicans Michael O’Reilly and Ajit Pai voted against them.

Though the internet has remained largely "neutral" since its inception, service providers have long wanted to discriminate between different users, devices and types of data, to charge data-gobbling websites for access to their customers, and to play favorites with affiliated services and sites.

The ruling will be challenged vigorously by the service providers, business groups, and Republicans in congress.

An earlier FCC compromise was torn up after cable companies challenged the agency's power to regulate the web. Though they won in court, this strategy led the FCC to rule more directly on the internet's role as a communications utility.

During a four-month consultation period, a little-liked FCC plan to regulate neutrality issues on a "a case-by-case basis" ultimately gave way to more comprehensive protections for the open 'net.

A satirical, scathing segment produced by HBO's John Oliver became a popular turning point, racking up more than 8 million views and highlighting the consequences of ignoring Net Neutrality's highly technical and "boring" subject matter. Read the rest

The Year's Work at the Zombie Research Center

The Year's Work at the Zombie Research Center is a hilarious collection of short essays and stories about Zombie cultural significance. Read the rest

Agitated cockatoo speaks out

Translation: "Stop recording me in portrait mode!" Read the rest

Marquis de Sade, his entrepreneurial descendant, and, er, Victoria's Secret

Fifty Shades has got nothing on the Marquis de Sade. In Smithsonian, Tony Perrottet profiles the 18th century libertine and meets his descendant Hugues de Sade who apparently is in talks with "Victoria’s Secret for a line of Sade lingerie." Read the rest

Poll: 54% of Republicans believe, “deep down,” Obama is a Muslim

Alex Theodoridis of the University of California at Merced asked Republicans, Democrats, and Independents "Which of these do you think most likely describes what Obama believes deep down?" Read the rest

New component adds cellular networking to DIY projects

The Spark Electron is a small component that enables devices to connect to the Internet where there is no WiFi or Bluetooth. Read the rest

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