Mass surveillance hip-hop from the director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Shahid Buttar — the rapper who created the amazing NSA vs USA track/video — is also a constitutional lawyer who serves as executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.

Yesterday, Buttar was arrested after he shouted questions about mass surveillance at former NSA capo James Clapper during a Senate hearing:

"In March 2013, you misled the Senate Intelligence Committee about the scope of NSA surveillance. What do you have to say to communities of color that are so hyper-policed that we're subjected to extrajudicial assassination for selling loose cigarettes, when you can get away with perjury before the Senate?"

The officer standing in front of Buttar informs him this is his only warning. "If you continue, you will be placed under arrest."

Buttar continues to ask his questions and, no more than ten seconds later, he is arrested. Two Capitol police officers place him in handcuffs and arrest him.

However, Buttar does not stop posing his questions. Senators and staff in attendance exit the room while Buttar says loudly:

Why is your agency above the law, sir?…Why can you lie to the Senate about mass surveillance presuming the entire globe to be subject to pervasive collection, twisting the meaning of the terms in violations of the statutes in the Constitution restraining your agency?

Why are you above the law for perjury and why is the NSA above the law for mass surveillance, even violating the contours that the authors of the Patriot Act intended to authorize in 2001?…[A]nd Senators, why won't you do your job? You're charged with oversight of these officials.

After Hearing, Capitol Police Arrest Lawyer for Shouting Question at Clapper About NSA Surveillance [Kevin Gosztola/Firedoglake]