China's immense marketplace of colorful crap


In China's eastern Zhejiang Province lies Commodity City, a massive 46 million square foot wholesale market of 62,000 booths where you can see samples of inflatable toys, Christmas decorations, chintzy jewelry, stuffed animals artificial flowers, kitchen gadgets, and tons of other crap that fills our lives with the rainbow colors of consumerism.

Photographer Richard John Seymour captured its plastic beauty.

"Possibly the most interesting aspect of this project was when I occasionally encountered an item that was very familiar to me in such a strange place," Seymour told CNN. "We tend to adopt quite personal emotions to our belongings, and if we see something in our own home every day then it naturally fosters quite an intimate relationship. What was interesting was then seeing one of these items halfway across the globe, a constant reminder that we have a connection with places around the world (that) we know next to nothing about."

"Yiwu Commodity City" (Richard John Seymour)