Links: Wyoming loves asset forfeiture; XOXO is back; acrobatic tea; beautiful campstove; anti-NN shilltoons; Big Pizza's lobbyists; acrobatic tea; frozen bar

☣ Wyoming Governor Vetoes Asset Forfeiture Bill, Because Asset Forfeiture 'Is Right' [Techdirt]
Wyoming's Republican Governor Matt Mead loves the idea of cops being able to steal your stuff: "I believe civil asset forfeiture is important and it is right."

☣ The Cartoonist Has No Idea How Net Neutrality Works
A collection of shill-y editorial cartoons that fearmonger about Net Neutrality.

☣ Inside the Powerful Lobby Fighting for Your Right to Eat Pizza [Bloomberg]
America's pizza lobby is basically a front for the big chains, though it also represents a small slice of mom-and-pops in its fight to keep anti-obesity measures at bay. Fun fact: Mitt Romney is the top recipient of dough from Big Pizza, taking in 5X more than the next-highest shill, Mitch McConnell.

☣ XOXO is back!
The 2015 festival will be the fifth edition of Portland's amazing, always-sold-out celebration of indie culture, art and business.

☣ Man violates laws of gravity while pouring tea [Kottke]
Teh tarik ("pulled tea") is a Malay/Singaporean drink whose delivery involves theatrical fluid dynamics demos that will make you thirst for more.

☣ This bar has a frozen strip to keep your beer cold. [Reddit]

☣ Optimus Crux Stove
Super highly rated, $42, only 3.3oz, and nothing less than beautiful