Baby cries when dad cries, stops crying when dad stops

Pretty adorable. Read the rest

Cat vs. Turtle vs. Cat

It's hard to tell who's chasing who, but we could watch this video of a cat chasing a turtle chasing a cat pretty much forever. Read the rest

Hermit crabs line up in order of size to swap and upgrade shells with one another

“They arrange themselves in an orderly queue, the biggest at the front, the smallest at the back; they're lining up with one aim: to exchange properties. But none of the crabs can make a move because the chain is not yet complete. They're all waiting for the right-sized crab to come along.” Read the rest

Y2K Time Bomb: Classic Evangelical Armageddon TV

Jesus needs your money because Y2K. This television ad for Jack and Rexella Van Impe's Y2K scare video combines the exploitation of Christ for cash, computer scares, the end is near, and hacker graphics. It's pretty great.

[Video Link, via] Read the rest

'Is College Bad for Girls?' cautionary pamphlet from 1905

We're just asking.

Interactive tour of nuclear arsenals since WWII

Explore how many nukes there are in the world, and where they are, courtesy of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' interactive Nuclear Notebook -- a useful way to discover whether some friendly superpower has stashed nukes in your harbour. Read the rest

Light Saber dubstep

An elegant sample, for a more civilized age. Read the rest

Planetary polyamory: Exploring a planet 'reared' by four parent stars

Astronomers have discovered the second known case of a planet residing in a quadruple star system. The planet was known before, but was previously thought to have only three stars, not four. Read the rest

Remembering the lives of Game of Thrones characters who died

Joe Sabia got some crazy Russian animators to make a web video series recapping the lives of major characters who died in Game of Thrones. It's great stuff.

iMagnet phone mount - hassle free mount for driving

You don’t want to mess with your phone much while driving, period. Read the rest

Gallery of Star Trek comic book covers

I love these old Star Trek comic book covers, posted by AstroDevil in memory of Leonard Nimoy. The title lettering is fantastic! Read the rest

US will not seek federal civil rights charges against Darren Wilson, Ferguson police officer who shot Mike Brown

"The Justice Department largely backed up Mr. Wilson’s account and said there was no basis for criminal charges."

We're digging these very cool space-themed tshirts, dresses, and swimsuits

Some of these glow in the dark, and they're available as tshirts, hoodies, swimsuits, scarves, dresses, and more.

Creative science journal, including the science of Wookiees

Dave Ng writes, "The Science Creative Quarterly is pleased to release its first volume of both a print offering of collected works, AND the much vaulted Annals of Praetachoral Mechanics." Read the rest

Traveling With Your Octopus - A young woman and her cephalopod mollusc companion travel the world in steampunk splendor

Victoria Prismall and her pet land-octopus Otto starred in 2013’s delightful all-ages picture book, Walking Your Octopus. Two years later the Octo-Victorian duo are back, and they’re taking a trip around a steampunk-inspired alternate world. Read the rest

Feds approve 2-6 hours of daily, on-the-job porn viewing for government workers

CBS reports that a "top level employee accused of viewing porn two to six hours a day" can't be fired, even after he was caught watching porn, because of the civil servant protection system.

He was found with over 7,000 porn files on his computer. Read the rest

How to make a technicolor igloo

Firefighter Jostein Alvestad built this igloo in his backyard by filling 32 plastic buckets with colored water each night. In a Chicago magazine story, he describes the fun of sleeping and hanging out inside by candlelight. The exterior issues a soft glow when a flashlight is brought inside.

Igloos are usually built with snow that has sintered, or compacted, in the wind. A good guide to more traditional structures is How to Build an Igloo: And Other Snow Shelters.

When Life Gives Him Ice, He Makes a Crazy, Rainbow-Colored Igloo [Chicago] Read the rest

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