Trolls abuse Canadian copyright law with fraudulent mass-scale extortion notices

Michael Geist writes, "The launch of the Canadian copyright notice system earlier this year raised serious concerns as Rightscorp, a U.S.-based anti-piracy company, sent notices that misstated Canadian law and demanded that users pay to settle claims."

The misuse of the Canadian system was the result of the government's failure to establish regulations prohibiting misleading content or the use of notice-and-notice to demand settlements. Now that misuse is spreading with CEG-TEK sending thousands of notices to Canadians with settlement demands. Canadian officials did not expect the misuse, but failed to establish regulations to prevent abusive notices.

Misuse of Canada's Copyright Notice System Continues: U.S. Firm Sending Thousands of Notices With Settlement Demands [Michael Geist]

(Image: Evidence A: The Ransom Note, Jared and Corin, CC-BY-SA)