The Miracle Cube Timer is not a miracle, but it's still useful

I bought this Miracle Cube Timer ($(removed)) for exercise and meditation, but I'm using is mostly for cooking. Read the rest

Harrison Ford crashes his vintage plane, seriously injured

Harrison Ford reportedly crashed his small plane at a Los Angeles golf course and has been taken to the hospital in critical condition. He recently signed on to star in Blade Runner 2. More as the story develops....

UPDATE 1: KNX 1070 radio has confirmed the pilot was Harrison Ford.

UPDATE 2: From CBS: "The small, yellow plane crashed about 2:24 p.m. at Penmar Golf Course, 1233 Rose Ave., not far from the Santa Monica airport, according to Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott. The pilot, identified as actor Harrison Ford by entertainment website, was the only person on board. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition."

UPDATE 3: Variety: "The actor was the only one aboard the plane and the only person who sustained injuries."

Update 4: NBC: "Howard Tabe, an employee at the Penmar Golf Course, said 'There was blood all over his face ... Two very fine doctors were treating him, taking good care of him. I helped put a blanket under his hip.'"

Update 5: A bit of not-horrible news: NBC reports that Ford's "injuries were originally described as 'critical,' but sources emphasized they are better characterized as serious, including lacerations to the head and possible fractures." Read the rest


A truer-words-never-spoken woven label to sew into your crafting projects. (via Making Light) Read the rest

A Steampunk video time capsule from The Edwardian Ball 2015

An abundance of steampunk goggles, corsetry, ballroom dancing, and theatrical stagings of the works of Edward Gorey. Contains actual steam whistles. Read the rest

Swedish TV chefs celebrate cheez doodles day, but something goes terribly wrong on-air

Oops. Wait for it. Read the rest

Revenge of the Nerds: an emoji quiz

Test your knowledge of the classic film Revenge of the Nerds (1984) with this quiz by Gabe Adiv and Saul Nachshen! Read the rest

Daniel Ellsberg: If Gen. Petraeus won't serve a day in jail for his leaks, Edward Snowden shouldn't either.

General and former CIA director David Petraeus shared damaging information with his lover/biographer, and will receive what amounts to a slap on the wrist for his indiscretion. So why do whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden face such bleak prison sentences, or worse, for what the US classifies as Espionage Act offenses? Read the rest

NASA: Mars may have once had more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean

NASA scientists have determined that a primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth's Arctic Ocean and that the Red Planet has lost 87% of that water to space.

Justice Department issues "scorching" report on Ferguson's Police Department

The police department "routinely" blocks citizens from recording their activities under a bizarre rubric of "officer safety," according to the Justice Department's investigation. Read the rest

NYC public schools to close for two Muslim holidays

The largest public school district in the United State will close for the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. Read the rest

Photos of buildings reduced to rubble, debris, destruction, and chaos

I was hesitant to open up and actually read through Abandoned, a photography book by Eric Holubow. Read the rest

WATCH: urinators surprised by wall that bounces pee back at them

In Hamburg, St. Pauli, it's peeback time.

Read the rest

Beautiful photo of impact basin on Mercury

NASA' Astronomy Picture of the Day is of the Caloris basin on Mercury. Read the rest

MMA fighter bullies his way into getting knocked out in 20 seconds

After the heavily tattooed showboater was almost instantly knocked out, he said of his opponent "I know he has skills but it was nothing but fucking luck." Read the rest

Insider's report of Daily Mail Online: "dishonesty, theft of copyrighted material, and sensationalism so absurd that it crosses into fabrication"

James King writes of his year working in the Daily Mail Online's newsroom. It sounds as vile as you could imagine. Read the rest

Why people like high ceilings

View of the ceiling of San Sebastian Church, Manila. CC BY-SA 3.0. Uploaded by Marksy

High ceilings promote a mindset of "freedom, creativity, and abstraction," while low ceilings result in "confined thinking." That's what psychologists at University of Toronto-Scarborough concluded after running a series of tests on volunteers. Read the rest

Bullshit copyright complaint is the perfect pretense to censor CT library art

Peter from the National Coalition Against Censorship writes, "A Connecticut library took down a painting of Mother Teresa because of a dodgy copyright claim. Was that really the issue?" Read the rest

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