Hartford, CT says friends can't room together unless some of them are servants

Eric writes, "In Hartford, eight adults and three children live in a 6,000-square-foot, nine-bedroom brick mansion --they're longtime friends who pooled money into one bank account, share monthly expenses, take turns cooking dinner and cleaning and consider themselves a family. Read the rest

Judge who invented Ferguson's debtor's prisons owes $170K in tax

Judge Ronald J Brockmeyer -- who filled Ferguson's coffers by fining its poorest residents and sent them to inhumane, overcrowded prisons when they couldn't pay a few hundred dollars -- stands accused of fixing fines for his cronies, and owes $170K in unpaid taxes. Read the rest

Albuquerque PD encrypts videos before releasing them in records request

Har-har-fuck-you, said Albequerque's murderous, lawless police department, as they fulfilled a records request from Gail Martin, whose husband was killed by them, by sending her encrypted CDs with the relevant videos, then refusing to give her the passwords. Read the rest

Kelly Link talks about her new short story collection

David writes, "Whenever I ask guests of Between The Covers who their touchstone writers are, nobody is more often mentioned than Kelly Link. We talk (MP3) doppelgangers, rorschach tests, finding one's authentic mask, Basho, Buffy, weird writing rituals, and about her latest (and perhaps greatest) new collection Get in Trouble." Read the rest

Cat hugs dog, who was missed

“Bow-Z remains patient as Jasper gives him hugs aplenty.” Read the rest

DMCA abuser ordered to pay $25K to WordPress

Straight Pride UK, a homophobic organization, used a fraudulent copyright complaint to censor an article about them, but WordPress fought back. Read the rest

Snow day with Buddy the Golden Retriever, at 960fps

Fall in white, snowy, wet-muzzled doggie love.

[Video Link, via Reddit]

Read the rest

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones: “Fly, yes. Land, no.”


LOL. It's funny because he's gonna be okay. Wishing you the best, Mr. Ford. Read the rest

Jaguar: An exceptional photo shared by a Boing Boing reader

Jaguar - Phoenix Zoo,” a photo shared by photographer and Boing Boing reader Larry Huffman in our Flickr Pool. Read the rest

NASA launches 2015 SpaceApps Challenge

NASA and other space agencies around the world are preparing for the fourth annual International Space Apps Challenge, which will be held April 10-12 at more than 135 locations worldwide, including New York. From NASA:

During this three-day code-a-thon, participants are asked to develop mobile applications, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions that could contribute to space exploration missions and help improve life on Earth.

“These challenges provide opportunities for US and global citizen scientists, engineers, and students to interact and contribute to space exploration through code development, data analytics innovation, open source software and hardware,” said Deborah Diaz, agency chief technology officer at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

This year’s challenge will include the first ever Data Bootcamp, with a focus on Women in Data. The bootcamp is open to the public and will give participants the opportunity to improve their skills with computer coding and data. The April 10 bootcamp will stream live online from the Global Mainstage. Astronaut Cady Coleman and NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan will be on hand at the New York event to work with STEM students and also will be available for media interviews.

More than 200 data sources, including data sets, services and tools will be available for this challenge. This event brings together techy-savvy citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, and students to help solve problems and questions relevant to space exploration and broader subjects that impact life on Earth.

This year, 35 challenges represent NASA mission priorities in four areas: Earth studies, space exploration, human health research and robotics.

Read the rest

Watch: Gary Groth talks about the the history of Fantagraphics

The Comic Archive interviewed Gary Groth about the origins of The Comics Journal and Fantagraphics, the world's greatest book publisher (Jim Woodring, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Hernandez Brothers, Peter Bagge, etc). Read the rest

Sliced playing cards

My daughter has picked up one of my bad habits: collecting decks of playing cards, especially unusual ones. She's going to be delighted with this 2-pack of "sliced" cards ($(removed)), which are half as wide as a regular poker deck. I'm excited to see how well they work with magic tricks. Read the rest

Photography: the weird dreamy world of wet ground

Over at Vantage, Manuel Plantin’s strange street photography of life reflected in puddles of water. Read the rest

Vaping hoodie with mouthpiece in the drawstring

Vaprwear has a vaping chamber in the central pocket that feeds smoke out through the drawstring around the hood; they cost about $100 each, in a variety of styles. No word on washing instructions. Read the rest

Interactive comic explains General Relativity

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of General Relativity, the journal Science created an excellent interactive comic explainer of "the theory that conquered the universe." General Relativity (Science) Read the rest

Music: "Destroyer," The Kinks (1981)

"Girl, I want you here with me, But I'm really not as cool as I'd like to be." Read the rest

Lubing your cables for fun and safety

I always sort of assumed that cables just break. They do, but you can prolong their life with some lube. Read the rest

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