How to type on an Apple watch

Behold Lunate, an intriguing swipe-based system for typing on an Apple watch. You can try it out yourself right now by downloading the Lunate app on an Iphone or Ipad. Read the rest

Senator on Internet privacy committee has never sent an email

Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is a member of the Senate Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law, and he's never sent an email. Read the rest

Recommended bottle sterilizer

Because there are few things quite so disconcerting as milk in my scotch, I never drink without having first sterilized my bottle in the Munchkin Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer, as recommended by The Nightlight. Read the rest

LISTEN: The Shark Arm Affair

In 1935 a shark in an Australian aquarium vomited up a human forearm, a bizarre turn of events that sparked a confused murder investigation. This week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast presents two cases in which a shark supplied key evidence of a human crime. Read the rest

How to make your own sliced deck of cards

A few hours after I ordered a box of half-wide playing cards I realized I had the tools and materials to make my own. Read the rest

SC Supreme Court: magistrates must be able to tell time and read

An order from the South Carolina Supreme Court dictates that those seeking to serve as magistrate judges must pass a rudimentary test of critical thinking skills. Read the rest

McDonald's sues to block Seattle's minimum wage

They're basing their case on the 14th Amendment, which addressed slavery by guaranteeing all persons equal protection under the law, and since corporations are people, well... Read the rest

Video: Amazing ASCII fluid simulator

Fluid simulator in ASCII by Yusuke Endoh. (via Waxy) Read the rest

Surf video: The beauty of getting barreled

Experience what Koa Smith saw surfing through a seemingly-endless barrel that lasted nearly 30 seconds. Read the rest

Why violin makers adopted the f-shaped hole

Why did violins slowly develop f-shaped sound-holes? Because it makes them more acoustically powerful than their ancestors, which had holes shaped liked a circle -- as a team of MIT scientists recently concluded. Read the rest

Social graph of mysterious twitterbots

Terence Eden has mined the social graphs of thousands of mysterious, spammy twitterbots, which may or may not be the same larval spambots I wrote about. Read the rest

Italy's Hacking Team allegedly sold Ethiopia's despots cyberweapons used to attack journalists

Ethopia's despotic regime has become the world's first "turnkey surveillance state," thanks to technology sold to it by western companies, including, it seems, Italy's Hacking Team, whose RCS spyware product is implicated in an attack on exiled, US-based journalists reporting on government corruption. Read the rest

Apple shows off 18-hour smartwatch and 12" laptop

Both come in optional gold trim, but only one is the 18-karat real deal.

Waterlogue: App for turning photos into watercolors

I've recently become obsessed with Waterlogue, an Iphone-only app that takes photos and transforms them into watercolor-style images. Read the rest

Handbags look like cartoon drawings

Jump From Paper sells pop-art backs and knapsacks that look like something that Dick Bruna's Miffy would own. Read the rest

Airbag video: the difference 7/100ths of a second make

[via] Read the rest

WATCH: car occupants toss bales of weed from car with cops in pursuit

The two gents in this car tried to surreptitiously jettison a huge stash of weed they were hauling in Arizona, but in the end they were captured and charged. Read the rest

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