Prizewinning frozen hair

Here's photos from the annual Takhini Hot Pools frozen hair competition, where bathers expose their hair to -20'C – -30'C Yukon air to freeze it into amazing ice-sculptures.

The Yukoner worked with her partner Maxime Gouyou Beauchamps and their friend Fanny Caritte, who was visiting from France, to create their winning 'dos.

"We put a lot of work into our hair," says Georgeault.

She says her frozen hairstyle took about half an hour to sculpt.

Umbrich thinks part of the contest's success is due to its uniqueness.

"We're never heard of anyone ever doing it anywhere else," he says, noting the contest was started by the previous owners of the hot pools.

Umbrich said he thinks Yukon's climate creates the right combination of steam coming off the water and cold temperatures to freeze hair nicely.

Winning photo from Yukon hair freezing contest goes global [Karen McColl/CBC]

(Thanks, Spocko!)