Unbelievable embroidered paintings of cars, planes, and an accelerated culture


Netherlands-based artist Pauline MM Nijenhuis creates astonishing embroidered and acrylic paintings of cars, humans, and the built environment.

From an interview:


I'm imagining 'speed' in a very labor intensive and time consuming technique. My method is decisive for the story I want to tell. I ask myself the following question: 'What is the impact of the increasing rate of our lives, the constant 'racing' and our perception of multimedia?' You feel you are forced to live life in a rapid way. Can our brains cope with this increasingly fast living and overwhelming amount of imagery? What are the consequences? Are our 'hasty' decisions the right ones?

When I start the process to create a new picture I go to the highway and look for velocity/speed and shoot pictures from a moving car. The bias in the photos, caused by the speed of the car, give a different picture of the world, another truth. The change of speed can make another outcome, provide a different gradient.

Pauline MM Nijenhuis (via Juxtapoz)

"Pauline Nijenhuis: Man and machine" (TextileArtist.org)