$(removed) stick-on LED light strip

I just ordered a pair of these $(removed) stick-on LED light strips for our craft supplies closet and under-stairs storage space. Read the rest

My Magic Kit at Quarterly.co

My most recent Quarterly.co mailing was a magic kit of tricks I selected. I wanted to provided as many high-quality tricks as possible for the $50 cost. My next Quarterly.co mailing is a selection of Quirky Kitchen Gadgets, which you can order now. Read the rest

Rightscorp loses big on extortion racket

Rightcorp, the notorious, publicly traded copyright trolls, have warned investors that they're losing money despite a successful claim of mass extortion against alleged copyright infringers. Read the rest

The Buddyback pose: Movie posters of cops posing back-to-back

Heidi MacDonald of Comics Beats says: "I was tooling around on the internet the other night, and unexpectedly came across this masterpiece: Read the rest

Piketty on the pointless cruelty of European austerity

The economist says that the US's post-crisis job creation record and the EU's lagging record demonstrates that austerity cripples recoveries. Read the rest

Mystery of the melting mummies

Chile's famous Chinchorro mummies, preserved perfectly for more than 7,000 years, are melting into black gelatinous goo because of increased levels of moisture that may be the result of climate change. Read the rest

Associated Press sues State Dept. over Hillary Clinton's emails

The Associated Press filed a lawsuit Wednesday to force the release of email correspondence and government documents from Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.

Ecstasy, ketamine, shrooms, and meth are legal in Ireland for just one day. But not weed.

Woohoo, happy early Saint Patrick's Day guys! Read the rest

The Selma Confederates: 'I want to protect, defend and preserve my white race'

As marchers commemorated the 50th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' this past weekend, in Selma, Alabama another tribute was taking place: to Nathan Bedford Forrest, the lieutenant general in the Confederate army and first Grand Wizard of the ​Ku Klux Klan. Read the rest

Intelligent Sentient - psychoactive pictorial trip to another world

I’ve got to tell you, I had a real mind-warping moment with Intelligent Sentient?. Read the rest

You can haz marijuana cookie right now, on your computer or smartphone probably

“If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have a cookie on your computer or your smartphone that says how much you like weed—or at least how you feel about the idea of weed being legalized.” Read the rest

Windermere Cay apartments in Florida are so awful they will fine residents $10,000 for negative reviews

Windermere Cay apartments in Winter Garden, Florida makes its residents sign a "Social Media Addendum" agreement that stipulates a $10,000 fine for "publishing or airing negative commentary" about Windermere Cay. Read the rest

4 in 1 USB charging cable for Apple devices, micro and mini USB

This handy 4 in 1 cable allows me to charge every device I travel with.

This cable will charge my iPad 2, iPhone 6, GoPro and a wifi hotspot in the car today. I like that it reduces the number of cables jammed in my glove box or sitting on the floor, and that I can keep them all plugged in at once.

In the future, it may save me the joy of wandering around a foreign city looking for a USB cable, I've done this more than once.

White 4-in-1 8 PIN, 30 PIN, Micro and Mini USB Charging Cable Read the rest

Post-apocalyptic Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Original art by Max Dunbar. Inks by Vitali Iakovlev. Colors by Sean Ellery. [via] Read the rest

People have a terrible time drawing the Apple logo from memory

Even Mac fankids are unable to draw the Apple logo from memory.

Strangely realistic graffiti portals

The spray-painted portals created by Hamburg, Germany-based artist 1010 are rather inviting, aren't they? Read the rest

The UK's most eccentric library

In this week's New Yorker, Adam Gopnik visits one of the more intriguing and strange European libraries, the Warburg Institute in London, a 115-year-old institution with a sadly uncertain future. Read the rest

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