World's worst prank - always positive pregnancy test

Want to make a friend or loved one hate you? Give them this. I'm not linking to the online store that sells it because it's too awful. Read the rest

Ki ki ki... Ma ma ma... Title theme from Friday the 13th

In honor of today, please enjoy Harry Manfedini's "Overlay of Evil/Main Title" from the score to Friday the 13th (1980). Read the rest

The animated GIFs of T.J. Fuller

Orca, wolves, and CMYK rainbow glitch beauty.

Hillary Clinton isn't the only US politician who used a private account to avoid official email

Karl Rove, Colin Powell, Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin, and Chris Christie have all done pretty much the same thing. Read the rest

Starving sea lions are washing on to California shores by the hundreds

Some 1,450 sea lions have washed up on California beaches this year, in what animal experts call a growing crisis for the animal. In the New York Times, the story of one 8-month-old pup found "starving, stranded and hundreds of miles from a mother who still needed to nurse him and teach him to hunt and feed."

In February, 2015, California animal rescuers saved 1,100 sea lions. They report five times more sea lion rescues than normal so far this year.

What's to blame? Experts blame rising water temperatures, due to global climate change.

The pup had lain on the beach for hours, becoming the target of an aggressive dog before managing to wriggle onto the deck of a million-dollar oceanfront home, where the owner shielded him with an umbrella and called animal control. In came Ms. Leeds, an animal-care expert at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which like other California rescue centers is being inundated with calls about lost, emaciated sea lions.

“It’s getting crazy,” she said.

Experts suspect that unusually warm waters are driving fish and other food away from the coastal islands where sea lions breed and wean their young. As the mothers spend time away from the islands hunting for food, hundreds of starving pups are swimming away from home and flopping ashore from San Diego to San Francisco.

"Starving Sea Lions Washing Ashore by the Hundreds in California" []

Here's the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which could use your support to help more of these little guys. Read the rest

Florida Man pilot draws penis with private plane's flight path

Congrats, tail number N829BM. That was very Florida Man of you. Read the rest

A moment with Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko, who are about to spend a year in space

NASA's One-Year Mission, which launches this month, will focus on seven categories of research. Read the rest

Doctor Who convention in Maryland (March 27-29)

BB pal Oni Hartstein reminds us that her (Re)Generation Who three-day convention kicks off in Hunt Valley, MD on March 27! Read the rest

You are invited to your cousin AJ Jacob's family reunion!

A.J. Jacobs (shown here with his [very distant] cousin Olivia Wilde) and a group of researchers are building the world's largest family tree. To celebrate, A.J. is holding the world's largest family reunion, and since you are related to him you are invited! Read the rest

Why video games are better without characters

Ian Bogost argues we need more games that focus not on characters, but on systems -- like cities, economies, language, or physics. Read the rest

Cat on final approach for landing


Flying snowmobile: Attach parachute to snowmobile, fly off cliff

Some crazy Finns made a flying snowmobile, and in this video you can watch them glide down off a mountain in Riksgränsen, Sweden. Read the rest

Watch this Indian kid compute math astonishingly fast with an unusual method

I can't even begin to understand how this little boy's brain is working, or exactly what the method is, but it's fascinating. Read the rest

How to make a mealworm farm

"Mealworms are one of the easiest, cheapest, and most space efficient ways to raise protein for you or your animals." Read the rest

Bill The Fishing Guy blooper reels

“Dad gummit!” Read the rest

Cartoonist Roz Chast talks about death and dying

Roz Chast draws a comic about her parents getting old and dying. Sometimes her account is funny, sometimes it’s poignant; always it’s memorable, even though her parent’s life and death were ordinary in most respects. Read the rest

“A little boy said I look ugly.”

A wonderful four year old girl offers a valuable lesson in self esteem. Read the rest

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