Kickstarting single-use unlubricated monocles

From comic genius/Choose Your Own Adventure maven/Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal purveyor Zach Weinersmith comes the single-use, unlubricated monocle, in a package with a see-through back (so you can show it off without removing it and ruining the gag).

I actually own one of these, a prototype Weinersmith was handing out at, I want to say, Comiccon? It's fantastic — everything you want in an unlubricated, single-use condom. And more.

They're $6 a throw, and there are quantity breaks if you have some reason to own a lot of them. What is that reason?

Weinersmith has a solid Kickstarter track-record, so I think you can be pretty confident that this will spring into existence and arrive in your mailbox.

We figure this product is a joke you tell with a prop. So, rather than having you open a new one every time you show it to a friend, you can just show off the clear back. That way, everyone can see that (yes really) there is a monocle in that suspicious little wrapper.

For when you DO want to actually open it, we offer a variety of multi-packs, so that you are never without fresh ocular protection.

Although we have worked hard to keep the price low, we have also taken care to make sure the monocle is of a better quality than the cheap ones you usually see in novelty shops. Our monocle is mostly plastic, with a metal chain that gives it a pleasant jingle, and color choices that give it a realistic look. The monocle itself is very durable and would be a fine addition to a cosplay costume.

The Gentleman's Single-Use Monocle