Happy 30th birthday to the first dot-com

Symbolics.com, the first dot-com domain, just turned 30 years old. Computer workstation firm Symbolics, developer of the Lisp computer language, bought the domain on March 15, 1985. The owner since 2009 is Aron Meystedt, a domain name "investor" who's currently in charge of auctioning domains for Heritage Auctions. From CNN:


In 2009, Symbolics got an unsolicited call from an entrepreneur named Aron Meystedt. He had built up a small domain name registry business called XF.com Investments, and he thought he'd take a shot in the dark by asking if symbolics.com might be up for sale.

Meystedt said his call was perfectly timed: The company was looking to raise money to continue its operations. Symbolics transferred the domain name to Meystedt (he can't share terms of the deal, since they were subject to a nondisclosure agreement), and the company moved its site (still the same since 2005) to symbolics-dks.com.

The surprising story of the world's oldest dot-com