Paddy Hirsch for St. Paddy's day

The internet is aflood with gratuitous St. Paddy's Irish-ness, so why fight it? My favorite Irishman, who knows where the pots of gold are, is Paddy Hirsch, Senior Producer of Marketplace Radio, by American Public Media. Hirsch is not only the author of the very accessible book, Man vs Markets, Economics Explained, Plain and Simple, he also hosts a series of explainer videos on his YouTube channel.

Like your favorite teacher, he can teach about the complicated levers of our everyday economy, without you feeling like a dunce. He describes the bad news and hard choices of our time with a winking sense of humor, funny doodles, and a winning Irish brogue. He knows his stuff.

It's like sitting down with your smarter friend and learning things you probably ought to know. He refers to himself as "your mate Paddy Hirsch," and typically signs off his discussions of often sour-tasting topics like dark pools, toxic assets and quantitative easing with some reference to grabbing a drink, just like you would with your mate. Read the rest

Following the key Trans-Pacific Partnership senator with a 30' blimp

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "The folks who wrote SOPA are trying to get extremist copyright provisions into the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement -- the one that Congress is trying to 'Fast Track' right now." Read the rest

Playing the unplayable Death March (but not releasing the penguins)

John Stump's 1980 composition Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz (from 'A Tribute to Zdenko G. Fibich') is a parody of a composition and not intended to be played -- but someone did! Read the rest

Nude man in doorway is not a criminal

For nearly a decade, residents of Cardinal Glen in Charlotte, North Carolina have been upset with a neighbor who frequently stands at his doorway naked. Police maintain that the fellow isn't breaking any laws.

North Carolina legal code says that it's only indecent exposure if the individual "willfully expose(s) the private parts of his or her person in any public place and in the presence of any other person or persons."

(The Charlotte Observer) Read the rest

Inspiring speech by Muhammad Ali about his greatness (1974)

"I have wrassled with an alligator. I done tussled with a whale." He was the greatest. Read the rest

Images from the Bladerunner model shop

Via Imgur, "Images from slides taken during the construction of the miniatures for the film 'Bladerunner'" Read the rest

Liz Climo's new children's book

Rory The Dinosaur is a new children's picture book by cartoonist Liz Climo. This is an outgrowth of her hobby, drawing cute panel comics, but she's not quitting her day job any time soon. That's because her day job is working on storyboards for The Simpsons. Her simple, funny and cute comics made her a familiar sight online, at Reddit and Pinterest, with a little help from George Takei.

She tells me, "I started writing the book around the same time I found out I was pregnant, and finished before [my baby] was even born (then I did most of the illustrations with her chilling in a bassinet next to me). Now that I'm a mom, I relate to the story way more than I did when I wrote it. Rory's dad is following him around, wanting to let him have his independence while still making sure he's safe and taken care of - something I'm very familiar with now! I just wrapped on my second Rory book, and that one Marlow gave me a ton of inspiration for. I am definitely hoping to do more, and I think being a mom has a lot to do with that." Read the rest

NYPD officers who wikiwashed police brutality pages will get wrist-slaps

The two officers blamed for hundreds of anonymous edits to Wikipedia pages on victims of police brutality, made from the NYPD's IP block, will face minor discipline for using work computers for non-work activities. Read the rest

Station Eleven: great post-apocalyptic novel

I've read 83% of Station Eleven on my Kindle, so I don't know whether it has an interesting ending or not (I'm one of those lowbrows who doesn't like books without a satisfying conclusion), but I am loving it so far. Read the rest

The Sloths, one of the great lost garage bands of the 1960s reunites after 50 years

The LA-based band The Sloths recorded the "Makin Love" in 1965. Fifty years later, one member hired a private detective to get the band back together.

Die Antwoord's Ninja replies to fan questions on CHAPPiE internet tabloid rumors

A very concerned fan just asked me if the weird rumours about 'my behaviour' on the CHAPPIE set are true, so i thought i'd help shed a little light here on Boing Boing.

Reconfigurable click-brick characters in Sick Bricks online

I have a boy in grade school, and his whole world comes comes down to a few passions, which include Legos and iPad games. That's why I am vicariously excited for him about this week's release of Sick Bricks, a new mash-up of click brick toy and tablet game. Read the rest

Why Better Call Saul's opening title sequence sucks

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, creators of Better Call Saul chat about how they came up with the show's intentionally awful opening sequence. Read the rest

Music: "I Had Too Much To Dream," The Electric Prunes (1967)

"Last night your shadow fell upon my lonely room, I touched your golden hair and tasted your perfume." Read the rest

Soon, you'll finally be able to play Nintendo games on your smartphone or tablet

Nintendo today announced it would partner with Japanese mobile game giant DeNA to create new games based on the company's brands.

The Wizard from Earth by SJ Ryan

There shouldn't be humans on Delta Pavonis, especially Matt. Landing in the middle of secret colony, with only the questionable help of his AI, Matt just became The Wizard from Earth.

SJ Ryan's fast paced tale replays familiar themes with clever twists. Matt is an average guy, sent to space with an AI embedded in his head, to meet his family and help colonize Alpha Centauri. Solar winds blow him off course and he meets Carrot, a super powerful, and unknown to the folks on Earth genetic variant of human. Unsurprisingly, the fate of this new world ends up in their hands.

This book is an incredibly fast read for 500 pages! Ryan does a fantastic job setting up his new world and characters, introducing brilliant technologies and moving the story along. It bogs down in occasional bouts of exposition, but I'll be looking for the next installment.

The Wizard from Earth (The Star Wizards Trilogy Book 1) Read the rest

The Leviathan: science fiction short by Ruairi Robinson

A giant space whale with wings, as one Redditor put it. This short film is described as a “Proof of Concept/pitch for The Leviathan,” created by Ruairi Robinson. Developed with the assistance of the Irish Film Board. Read the rest

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