Beauty tips for male Lego execs

Hugh writes, "Lego published annoying 'beauty tips' for young girls; Elbe Spurling has a nice response: beauty tips for male Lego executives."

Lego Friends, according to the Lego website, is meant for children ages 5 to 12. Children far too young to be told by the oval-faced (of course) Lego "Friend" Emma that little girls with square faces need a haircut to "soften the edges of your face" while the unfortunate long-faced girls — remember, ages 5 to 12 — can get a haircut to "help your face appear slightly shorter."

I checked. In this issue, at least, there's no advice to help a traditional Lego minifig choose the right plastic hair to emphasize or soften the manly jawline on his or her yellow-cylinder-shaped head.

Beauty Tips for Girls, From Lego [Sharon Holbrook/NYT]

(Thanks, Hugh!)