Clinton's sensitive email was passed through a third-party spam filtering service

It's been years since the spam wars were at the front of the debate, but all the salient points from then remain salient today: when you let unaccountable third parties see your mail and decide which messages you can see, the potential for mischief is unlimited.

Hilary Clinton used Mxlogic — now a division of Intel — to filter her mail. The service would have received all of her email before it was forwarded on to her. Sensitive and confidential matters of state were exposed to untrustworthy insiders and spies/crooks who penetrated their network.

So I thought, what if she has web mail? And sure enough – I GOT A LOGIN PROMPT! And I have verified by the SSL certificate that this is indeed the server – still online! Click here and type in

I already tried hillary2016 for the password and that didn't work. But I'm looking at this and thinking WTF!

Is Hillary's server secure? It get's a B rating here. Only supports weak protocols. Uses only SHA1. TLS 1.0.

Another SSL testing site. – type in In contrast type in My server passes – Hillary's doesn't.

Spam Filtering Service had access to Clinton Classified Emails [Marc Perkel/Dvorak Uncensored]

(via Hacker News)

(Image: Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta and Gen. Martin E. Depsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff presents former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award during a ceremony at the Pentagon, Feb. 14, 2013, public domain)