DRM for woo: "light therapy" mask's LED only works 30 times

The Illumask LEDs only fire for 30 15-minute sessions, despite being rated for 30,000 hours, thanks to a patented system.

Illumask says that equipping your woo with this anti-feature is for your own good, since it lets them bring expensive woo to normal people: "Simply put, 30-uses per mask is the best way for us to offer you high-performance light-therapy—typically available for a 'high-performance' price — at $1 per day. We believe everyone should have access to modern technology — and we believe that technology should work. illuMask's patented 30-use system makes it happen."

But you can make your woo last longer by carefully poking it in the right spot with a paperclip, though you may be committing a felony if you do, thanks to the DMCA's ban on circumvention.

DRM; Or How To Make 30,000-Hour LED Bulbs 'Last' Only One Month [Tim Cushing/Techdirt]