Visiting the "World's Largest Gift Shop"


Writer Kate Imbach and photographer Geoffrey Ellis stopped by Las Vegas's Bonanza Gifts, the 40,000 square foot cavalcade of crap billed as the "World's Largest Gift Shop."

From Medium:

Everyone was startled to walk down an aisle of stuffed animals when a motion-activated parrot squawked, “Hey baby, show us your tits!” A group of three seventy year-old men laughed so hard at this that they were all simultaneously sent into those laugh-coughing fits, like a chemical weapon had been released into the novelty aisle.

Later I saw one of these men as he was looking up at a dream catcher the size of a tractor tire with white and brown feathers dangling from strings of suede.

“I like this kind of stuff. But I don’t know what I would do with it. Ann wouldn’t let me hang it up,” he said to his friend.

"How to Browse the World's Largest Gift Shop"